Friday, June 22, 2012

Cabin fun and other stuff

Dan has been gone all week for work.  
He left Monday morning at 4:30am and gets home tonight to put Sam to bed.
Thank goodness!  
I'm sure that if I didn't have a 34 week growing belly and it were cooler outside, I wouldn't be so tired and ready to fall on the couch by Noon each day when he has to be gone :)
Here's our week in pics and our first time up at the cabin since the fall of 2010. 

Went swimming late in the afternoon on Monday.  He LOVED swimming that day and did such a good job jumping off the side, going under water and getting in and out of the pool himself. 
 I love that he loves it.

 Zoo time with Jenn, Kate and Max.  
Thank you for letting us join you. 
 I especially love this pic of the three of them.  Cute cousins.
Had dinner with Jenn on Wednesday night and let Sam play, play, play with Kate and Max again.  
He could play all day in your basement, Jenn!
 He really likes to blow bubbles himself now.  
He'll blow them and try to catch them back on the wand as quickly as possible. 
 It's actually pretty entertaining :)
 When I water the plants, I always get it from here.  He's pretty much obsessed with it, so I leave it on a bit and let him just play while I enjoy myself in the shade.  
He always asks me to take his clothes off since he knows he'll get wet.  
Smart boy.
 Went up to our family cabin yesterday with Ali and girls for the day.  Of course the first thing they had to do was ride bikes.
Break time to throw rocks
 I just love this picture.  
In my head I would be thinking...."I love this place, it's so pretty, I'm so happy to be up here and so thankful to have so many memories and happy times at the cabin!"  
What he's really saying is how funny it is that when he throws the rocks, it gets his feet and face wet. 
 Gotta love the mind of a 2.5 yr old.
Have to check out all the bugs.
 Looking down from the loft.  So thankful for Grandma and Grandpa Fetzer so many years ago for making this beautiful place for our Fetzer family to play.
 I'm pretty sure all of our Fetzer cousins would say "Cabin popcorn" is by far some of THE best popcorn out there.  
And, it has to be made in the original corn popper that's been there since the cabin was complete.
An hour after we got there, I had already made a batch!
 We went on a short walk with Ali and Janie after some naps.  I turned around to find Sam talking to his stick and the water, saying "here fishy, fishy"  
I think I may have surprised him when he turned around since he didn't know I was listening.  
 So pretty up there.  Sam and Janie throwing rocks, again.
 This is a terrible pic, but I wanted to make sure I documented that we got to play with Matt, Sheri and kids for a couple hours up there before we had to leave.  
Sam pretty much just played up in the loft with Connor and Emily the whole time.  
So fun.
Such good memories!
We got home about 7:30pm and Sam went right his room, got a book and laid on his pillow.  Someone, other than me was tuckered out!  
Thanks Ali for a fun day!
It's been a good week and actually a good thing to spend so much alone time with this guy.  I've been having some anxiety about how I'll split my time when sister comes and I want to make sure I give as much of myself to Sam as I can while trying to care for a newborn, so instead of being sad and bummed that Dan was gone, I tried to have a positive attitude and do many fun things with  him.
Man, I just love him (and his two year old tantrums, molars coming in and sassiness)!

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