Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today I am thankful, grateful and lucky

...that this is NOT my house or my loved one's & friends homes.
 When I saw this on Facebook earlier today, it was really hard not to feel so sad for all of these people in Colorado and all of their raging fires right now.   
I mean, look at that house that is halfway on fire with the car still in the driveway.  
I've been thinking about it all day so far and feeling pretty darn grateful that I live where I do and that thankfully, the fires here are no where near our home and that my family is safe.

Ok, onto why I'm blogging today.
And lots of it.
These are mostly pics for family in CA and for myself...
 Went swimming last weekend.  We love to go to our friends pool in Park City cause they let the kids wear these wings.  I wouldn't want Sam to learn to depend on these, but they seriously were awesome and helped him be more independent, kick and start to realize he can be in the water without us helping him every three seconds :)

Murray pool fun.
He finally agreed to go on the slide with Dad.  
He ended up LOVING it (after saying no many, many times)!  
They went so many times before we had to go.
We started swim lessons on Monday.  He did OK, but did much, much better today.
 He told me as we were getting dry..."Mom, I did so good.  I proud of myself!"
Before lessons, we swam with Ali and the girls at the sports mall.
 I love the little pool they have for toddlers.
 It's perfect!
Got him some goggles and dive rings, too.
 Hi Janie!  She has no fear when it comes to water.  Silly lady.
We've had some fun water play dates with his little friends. 
We especially love going to James' house where they have a fun sprinkler/ shallow pool/slide combo and a big nice shady tree for the Mom's to sit under and watch :)
 Might as well add that he's been loving (and I mean LOVING) his bike.  Dan has been taking him after dinner to a little trail/dirt jumps by our house. 
This is another aspect of having kids that I adore.  Sharing what we love to do with him.  He's going to be on a pedal bike in no time, following Dan down the trails :)
Nice evening ride in the shade.
I'm going to go with them next time to get some good video. 
He's killing it out there on the Strider bike!

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