Tuesday, July 3, 2012

36 weeks and other stuff

 How Far along?  35.5-36 weeks.  Since I have two due dates, let's just say end of this month.
Maternity Clothes: To the max.  I need to be comfy all the time or in my suit in the pool.
Movement:  Slowed down a bit.  I think she's just getting bigger by the week and she's switched sides (head down though), so I haven't felt her in the normal places.  She'll be quite active for two days, then the next two she'll be very quiet.
Weight gain:  31 lbs.  SO feeling it.
Sleep:  Not great.  I feel warm, even with the covers off.  Have to pee at least three times.  I had two nights  in the last couple weeks where I only peed twice.  I felt like I slept forever!
Symptoms:  Peeing, A LOT.  Puffy hands and feet.  The heat is really getting to me.   It's just plain hot all the time.  I swell more when it's 85+ degrees everyday.
Cravings:  Nothing in particular. Still love any kind of fruit.
Best moment that past couple weeks:   Doing weekly birth center visits now.  It sure makes it feel a lot closer.   Sam knows that we see a midwife and when we get into the parking lot, he happily says, "we're at the birth center!  Let's play toys!"  I love that I can explain this to him and he remembers :)   Getting more of her stuff together and I've started getting my bag ready with things so we'll be ready when the time comes.  As much as I hope she comes even a few days early, I keep reminding myself that pregnancy is 40 weeks, and for many good reasons.  She still needs time to cook inside!   Oh, and last week when we went in for a heart beat check, we got to hear a woman close to giving birth.  Sam looks at me and says, "mom, what is that noise?"  I explained to him that this woman was very close to having a little baby and sometimes they makes those noises to get the baby to come out of their tummy.  It was SO cool for me to hear this.   She sounded like an athlete, finishing the hardest race ever.  She wasn't screaming or moaning...just deep grunts that sounded in control.  Even though she was upstairs, we could still hear some of it.  SO cool.
Now, onto stuff that's more interesting for our family :)

 We had a very mellow weekend.   Sam rode his bike a lot.  He and Dan went out the the little trails by our house on Saturday morning and then we headed up to Snowbird to beat the heat on Sunday afternoon.  He rode  one of the bike trails up there and did SO awesome!  He pretty much begs us to go for bike rides and I'm really, really hoping it's a phase he won't grow out of.  We can't wait for the day that we can all go on a family trail ride together!  Hoping to get him on a pedal bike in the fall to see if he's ready.
Right by the Iron Blossom lodge there's a sweet playground.  SO perfect for toddlers.  Pretty sure we'll be going back there a bunch!
 Enzo turned the big ONE yesterday.  Seriously, he is the cutest little peanut!  He is light as a feather and handsome as can be.
 Justin and Kerrah put on an awesome birthday bbq including a pinata for all the kids to hit.  After Sam had his turn, he waiting patiently for the candy to drop.  He was kind of amazed by the whole thing since it was new to him.  
So fun!
(Swim time with Ali and my cutest friend from high school, Brooke and her kids.  Serious fun!)
 If you ask how life is with us right now...this is how I sum it up. 
 Beating the heat any way we can.  In, out or by the water...or, in our nice, cool house :)

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