Sunday, August 5, 2012

More cabin time

We had good times this past week.  
Lots of swimming, play time with friends and cousins and some biking.
Each day seems to get a little easier, even though we think about Naomi all the time.  There seems to be less crying each day...instead of crying six or nine times, it's less and at very random moments.  I always let myself cry whenever I want and need to though, so it's good :)
 Earlier in the week I actually made an effort to make something new.  Zucchini, rice and parm gratin.  
 Aunt Kelly sent us a lovely care package, which included awesome toys for Sam.  He's especially fond of this new truck that makes A LOT of noise.
My cute cousin Emily had her baby girl on Thursday.  We went through our pregnancies together and actually saw each other more during these last nine months than we have in years past.  I am so, so happy for them.  Yes, it's really hard to know that I don't have Naomi in my arms all the time, but I could never be upset that any of my family or friends are blessed with new children in their lives.  Hard, but so happy all at once.  Sam held her a couple times and did so well and was so gentle.  It was so precious.
 On our way up to the cabin, we stopped at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  He had to see the Bobcat.
 Jamon and Re joined us for the night on Friday at the cabin.  Pretty much all Sam wanted to do was play with Jamon and would always say "Where did Jamon go?"  So happy he loves our friends :)
 Re took lots of good photos of Sam doing what he does best.  Riding time!
 Lots of relaxing
 And a bit of hiking
 Had to throw rocks
 Cute cousins (missed the rest of them!)

Ended our stay with yummy S'mores. 

Did some biking at Sundance with Re.  That place is beautiful!

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