Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend and stuff

Dan and I spent a wonderful 24 hours alone this weekend.  (thank you Julia for the hookup on the hotel!)
We dropped Sam off in Kamas with my Mom and we headed to the Marriott Mountainside at PCMR.
As we usually do on any date the past couple years, we started off with a bike ride.  
This is our first time riding together since last fall.
Despite my meltdown when we got to the top of the downhill portion, it was super fun and I appreciate any time I get to bike with my husband.
  This my... crying because I was sad for Naomi, sad to be out of shape still and sad because I wanted Dan to wait more face...but with a smile :)
 So pretty and Dan rides fast.

 The hotel is beautiful.  Lots of hot tubs and a big swimming pool.
After our ride we walked over to dinner at the High West Distillery.  Oh my, so good.  We ate.  A LOT, especially the desserts.  We both agreed that all of my family should try it out and we need to take Mike and Jane when they each come to visit again. (best to go without kids).   
So sad I didn't have my camera for pictures of the food.  Delicious!
 Sunday morning we had a yummy breakfast right outside the hotel, checked out and headed out on another bike ride.  We followed that by some swimming at our friends condo, then off to meet my Mom and Sam and all of our family for dinner at the park.  It was a perfect weekend!
 And no post is complete without a picture of him.  He was running a fever this day and not feeling well, so we went to the dollar store to get a fishing pole.  He was totally in the zone in the bath.  I just love it.
And we planted Naomi's tree before we went to Park City.  
It's so perfect.

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