Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Many random things and thankfulness

Yesterday, our friends delivered quite the surprise in honor of Naomi.
It's perfect and so lovely.  They also brought a pretty big tree to plant in our yard to go along with it and some generous dollars to do with it as we please.  This was from 19 of our friends who some, we don't see a lot and some we see more often.  We know all of them from biking and skiing.  I cried in happiness for Naomi and the fact that so many people care of us and for her memory. 
We'll plant it very soon and put the bench underneath the growing tree.
 It's just amazing.
 We set up our tent in the basement to try and beat the ongoing heat.  Sam loved it!
His latest "thing."    Lining up any cars he can find.
 I'm getting back into the lifting and working out I was doing last summer.  I love it, but it seriously sucks starting from scratch.  
So tired!
At least I have this little dude to keep me cool with the hose while I'm out there.
More biking.  My happy place :)
 Sam met his new BFF last weekend.  This is Reed. They could be brothers. 
 They got a long so well.
Both ride their bikes like champs.  We haven't met anyone close by who rides like Sam does, so this was super fun for him, as Reed is really good on his bike!  
Too bad they live in Ogden, I wish you were closer Meg!
And a little more on Sam.  He's been pretty good at wanting to help us do things, for a minute or two.  I appreciate that he is willing to offer up his cleaning services though :)   He is so independent and opinionated these days.  He's also quite good at convincing us to let him "watch one more show" or "have one more treat"  It's so hard to say no, but I'm really trying.  The tantrums and flip outs are a regular around here and I'm learning that the more we ignore, the better off we are to get them to stop. 
He's also so, so sweet and super funny despite all of that. 
He's more interested in what's on the radio now than his little songs.  He'll always ask me the name of the song that's on and will say, "oh, I never seen that one before!"  So funny.  He also knows the names of the songs now since we drive a fair amount for play dates and to go swimming.
He speaks like a four or five year old, it's crazy and we're so thankful for that.
Keeps saying he'll go pee or poop in the potty "next time"  Ha! I wish!
Way into seeing pictures and video of himself.
Still naps great (most the time) and I'm also very thankful for that.
Could be better at sharing.  We're working on that.
Talks so softly and precious about Naomi anytime she comes up in our daily life.  He is so tender and adorable and such a good big brother when he talks about her, even though she's not here with us.

Told you, many random things going on....
Dan and I get to spend most of this weekend alone.  (thank you Mom!).
Grandma Jane is coming to visit next weekend.
We're taking a much needed little trip to Bear Lake in September before Dan has to be gone a lot for work.

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Meg said...

Love the picture of them biking! Let's totally get together soon and let the boys really ride!