Saturday, August 28, 2010


Sometimes I can't get enough of this boy.  I make him take pictures with me a lot.
He gets himself into difficult situations sometimes.  I'm nice and help him out of wherever he ends up.
 We play peek a boo after his naps.  He laughs, a lot.

We swim with Ali and Siri
 Someday Sam will give a hug back :)
We also swam with Jenn, Kate and Max.  Cousin Max is smiling so cute these days and all Sam wanted to do was stare and touch him.
 We're a pretty cute little least I think so!
There's something I just love, love about Sam (or any baby for that matter) and how he crosses his little feet everytime he's sitting.  Stroller, couch, drinking a bottle or in his booster seat.   It's just so cute.
And last, these are from Ali and Marks garden.  They have so much yummy stuff out there right now,  but the tomatoes and grapes are SO good.  So many grapes!

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Edra Davidson said...

Oh my gosh! I had to find you after you posted a comment on my blog! I just have to say your son is adorable! And I am terribly jealous he crawls. Carter rolls his chubby body and that is about it for now. Also Carter crosses his feet too! I've been dying to see if other kids do it too and look at Sam! So cute! These boys totally need to get together. We will hopefully be moving back to Utah this fall. We'll keep you posted!!! Ok I will email you now so others don't have to see my huge post :)