Sunday, November 7, 2010

Teeth n' Stuff

The little man has two bottom teeth now and boy oh boy did they make their presence known. My patience have been tested to their limits multiple times in the past 3 weeks-something you just can't know about til you become a parent :)

I like this picture because it's precious for one and sums up our house during teething times plus a couple days of him running a high fever (for the first time yet). Poor Sam has it rough when it comes to getting teeth it turns out. I can't blame him for being so mad, sad, happy, sad, mad and all around just bummed. It has to hurt!

I've tried and tried to get a good pic of the teeth for the Grandparents and Kelly in CA, but this is as good as it's gonna get right now. Blurry, but I think you can make out the two teeth there.

Despite all of this, he's still the cutest thing least we think so.

He's been pretty happy today. So nice!

Got to go on a quick ride on one of my favorite trails-Quarry. Dan was able to ride a bunch too. Loving this fall weather.

Jenn and I rode bikes with my Mom for her b-day. I love doing this and it was perfect weather in Kamas. Jenn got to ride her bike for the first time since having Max. Ali came along and played with Max while we rode, so nice of her. Such a fun weekend!

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