Sunday, July 10, 2011

The haps

Here's what we've been up to the last week or so...
 We played with Sedra and Carter at the Zoo.  Sam LOVES to ride the train.  He cried when we got off and kept saying "more train, more train!"
We played with Sedra and Carter quite a bit actually, so fun!  Picked Siri up and went to the splash park in Herriman.  Sounds far away, but only took 10 mins from Ali's house.  I can see us going back many times this summer.
Had a yummy dinner with Sedra, Ed and Ali- with some swimming before.  These kids are adorable.  All sitting so nice at the table.  
Siri wins for best eater and not leaving the table 3 or more times :)
 Walked around Silver Lake at Solitude with cousins.  This is Sam's longest hike/walk yet.  He made it around the entire way without help.  He actually wouldn't let me help him other than going over the snow patch and some puddles.  I say, let me help you Sam...he says "no, no, no"  OK then.

Cute cousins.  I especially love that Izac always has his hat on.
 He had to wear slippers and no clothes A LOT last week.  He's getting quite good at getting them on and off all by himself.
We also spent a lot of time without clothes.  Something about that feeling makes him much happier...even in the car!
I'll be posting some random videos here soon so our Cali family can see him in action :)

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