Monday, August 8, 2011

Hood River

This past weekend we had the awesome opportunity to go to our good friend Laurent and May's wedding.
Oh, what a wedding it was!  They went all out and it was so fun to be there....without Sam, just the two of us.

We left Sam with Ali for a day and Grandma Carol til Monday morning.  He did SO good with them and had such a fun time.  I was worried and anxious to leave him for the first time for 3 days, but it turned out to be so great for all of us.  He gave Grandma the biggest loves when she dropped him off this morning and asked, "papa go?" many times.  Adorable.
 Of course aunt Ali showed him a good time and Siri played with him SO well.

 Onto our trip!  After a three hour flight delay, we made it to Portland, then drove an hour to Hood River.  We love, love this place each time we get to be there.  We visited Laurent real quick then headed to the water, then onto dinner and a walk on main street.  The first Friday of every month they close main street and have all the shops open and lots of music and food.  Some guy asked us to watch his cherries for a minute and gave us two bags full in return.  SO yummy.

Lots and lots of kite boarders and windsurfers.  This place is a mecca for that stuff.  So windy...all.the.time.
Saturday we slept in as long as we could...I think 8 or 8:30am  :)  We went to see the gorgeous waterfalls on the historic highway between Portland and Hood River.  Dan went for a run and I hiked.  It was great!
Spent more time at the water
The ceremony was beautiful.  They got married on their deck, overlooking the Columbia River Gorge.  The view is to die for.  Here's Laurent waiting for May.  His dear friend Cobie, who we love married them.  
The Groom.  Laurent is SO happy.  We are so thankful May is in his life and they found each other.
So happy.
The reception was at a really quaint and pretty wine tasting bar/cellar.  The food was so good and the outside venue for dancing was just awesome.  The music was SO loud!
Dancing went from 9pm-1am.  We decided to make the most of it and danced our little hearts out all night long.  Something we don't ever do, but it was actually the best time ever.

I was ready to go to bed multiple times, but I powered through all the music and dancing and we made it back to their house for wood fire pizza until 2:30am.  We NEVER do that!  I think we're still recovering from the lack of sleep.
Such a beautiful weekend with good friends. It was perfect. 
We can't wait to take Sam there someday to visit. 

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