Sunday, August 14, 2011


Another week gone pictures and a bit of video :)
 Sam is quickly becoming my most favorite workout buddy ;)  He always does so great when I say...mama (or daddy) has to go lift heavy weights and get strong.  He comes downstairs with no hesitation and watches his farm animals or Signing Time.  The best is when he tries to run in place or do push ups with us.  Love it.
 We went to IKEA twice this week to play and have free lunch.  We played with Carter and Sedra and then with our cousins the next day.  So fun and he seriously loves their food & chocolate milk.
We did a bunch of swimming.  He's been going through an anti swim phase, but all last week he was great and didn't want to get out. 
 I'm in my last full week of training for THE RACE in two weeks.  I finally got to ride bikes with one of my favorite cousins, Bryce Craven.  I also rode with Ali's good friend Carole and a long lost (now) friend, Katie.
(me, Bryce, Katie, Carole)
 Went for a hike up to Cecret Lake at Alta.  Such a good hike for kids and the flowers are going off right now.  So beautiful!

 Sam was a trooper and hiked quite a bit. He really loves hiking and exploring, just like his Dad.
 Almost there.  Ali, Mark, Siri and Jane joined us.
 Goofus on a roofus
 This picture melts my heart.  I could frame it 10 times over.  
Today, Sam decided he would have his longest tantrum/fit yet. So trying on my patience, sheesh!  He pretty much cried, moaned and yelled "NO!" the entire afternoon, except for the 50 mins at the park.  I was amazed when he actually ate dinner...then we promptly put him to bed and haven't heard a peep.
Here's a few videos.   I love, love riding the Wasatch Crest.  I do not like watching myself on video, but I know that family would like to see what I'm so passionate about and the kinds of places I ride.


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