Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mt. Ogden 50K and some other stuff

First bike race complete!  
 32 miles of single track, all over Snowbasin ski resort.  So fun.  So dusty and dirty!
 4hrs and 24 mins...36 minutes faster than my goal. 
Third in my age group.  Not sure yet on all around.
Our friend Jamon, who usually does the crazy stuff with Dan really, really pushed me this summer in my training rides.  He rode with me pretty much every Saturday morning.  He took 2nd in the single speed category (yeah, he rides with one gear...nuts!) and something like 5th or 6th all around in the mens.  Crazy and awesome!  Oh, and he just took first place in the solo category last weekend at a 24 hour race in CO. 
 And of course, I could not have been as ready as I was without Dan being so supportive.  I pretty much got to ride as much as I could and as long as I needed to.  It was the best seeing my boys at the finish!
Sam did so great all day.   He was pretty tuckered out around nap time and slept for at least an hour in the stroller while we waited for Jamon to finish.  Such a trooper!  Thanks to my Mom who came up to watch and support me, as well as some of our friends.
I felt pretty good throughout the race, but by the last climb out on the trail and the last bit on the road, I was definitely ready to be done, plus it was pretty hot.  Today my legs feel tired, but not bad at all.  I would do the race again in a second!  Thinking about doing the 12 hours of Sundance race on Sept. 17th!
 The rest of the weekend we did some hiking to the coolest waterfall right close to home and did some swimming.  Perfect weekend!  Now, bring on some cooler weather.

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