Sunday, October 9, 2011


We spent lots of last week helping Ali and Mark while they moved.
Tuesday Sam and I took Siri with us to IKEA for some fun and lunch.  These two (usually) play SO well together.  They held hands the entire way through the store.
 Wednesday we got to have Jane for most the day.  If only they could understand each other ;)  It was a nice (and exhausting) glimpse into what it would be like to have two kids around all day.  
It was hard, but we sure do love her.
 We went for a hike while Dan rode.  So pretty.

 Then, it snowed the very next day.  Blah!  Not ready for this yet.  
Thankfully, it's supposed to be really nice fall weather all this week.
We had sleepover with Ali and girls on Friday night.  Mark was out of town and they are now living in the  in-laws BIG basement, so she needed some company.  
There was more than enough room for Dan, Sam and I to sleep upstairs.  It was super fun!
 I baked cookies for Dan and Jamon while they watched football.  Sam and I went to Carters awesome Pirate birthday party while they got their game on.  Sedra did an amazing job with the party.  
Wish I had pics!
 Took Sam to the pumpkin patch.  He's been a little obsessed with "scary" pumpkins and any pumpkin in general lately.  Lots of times he'll tell me.  "Scary pumpkin!"  Followed by, "Halloween candy!"  So silly.

 Love this.
 He helped me make noodles for his lunch.  He loves noodles and cheerios lately.
Went for a late morning bike ride.  Still some snow on the trail, but it was lovely, nice and cool riding.
And for the family...he rode on the trail for a ways with Dan while I rode up and back, then rode a bit in the parking lot.  
He's getting pretty good at balancing.  I just love to see him get better and better on this each week.

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