Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another project complete!

A few months back, Dan had this awesome idea to put a kitchen table over our stairs. 
Yeah, over the stairs.  
I was hesitant and wondered how that could possibly look good in here.
Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I came home to this on Saturday afternoon.
 Of course when Dan mentioned it to his Dad they immediately started to plan it out and Mike was making it happen.  It opens up the space inbetween the kitchen and living room so much and it just looks SO good!
He built that table at his house in Mt. Shasta and drove it out here and they put it in in just a couple hours.  
Seriously, my father in law is so awesome.  SO awesome.  
 It was a short visit with him and I wish he could have stayed longer, but we'll take any time we can get with him...especially Sam-those two play so much together.

Thank you again so much Grandpa Mike!  Can't wait to see you again next month for Dan's big race!

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