Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Fun

It's Friday and it snowed a bunch!
Sam is so excited to play in the snow.  I just love how much he wants to go out and play!
 He's been sitting at the window since Dan left for work :)
 We already went sledding yesterday.  Hoping to go again today at a super fun hill!  
He kept saying "go fast Siri. Woohooo!"
It's supposed to warm up though come tomorrow and through next week.  55-60 degrees I think.  
Dan comes home at Noon today.  So awesome.
He is going for a long run out at Antelope Island tomorrow.  
A training run for his 50 miler out there in 3 weeks.
A month later he'll run his 100 miler.
He is amazing.  And dedicated.  And strong.
Maybe we'll go get some frozen yogurt for Friday fun, just cause.
These "terrible two's" with Sam... yeah, I don't like them.  Not fun.
I am 19 weeks along  and feeling great.  And Thankful.  And very blessed.
 Happy Weekend!

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