Sunday, March 11, 2012

Halfway-20 weeks

Halfway there.  
So happy.
I didn't really document any of my pregnancy with Sam, so I'd like to at least do an update this time every 2-3 weeks just for me (and I'm sure some of my family) so I can look back.  I already went back to look for anything pregnancy related with Sam and there just isn't much, kinda sad.
Even though I was stronger, in better shape and felt much better overall at the beginning this time, I still feel like I look (and feel) bigger this second time around.  Ugh!
Oh well, it's totally worth it.
How Far Along:  20 weeks
Gender: Girl
Maternity Clothes:  I can still wear my regular jeans below my belly.  Thank goodness they're the stretchy kind!  I mostly wear workout clothes or sweats whenever possible :)  I have several maternity shirts that are pretty cute, so I wear those when I have to go out and want to look cute.
Weight gain: Maybe 12 pounds? I remember having gained more at this point with Sam, but I didn't document it!  The birth center didn't have my records from my first two OB visits, so I'll know for sure next month, but I'm pretty sure that's accurate from knowing what I weighed right when we found out I was preggers.  
I don't ever weigh myself at home-only at appts.
Movement:  So many little movements all the time.  It's so reassuring.  She seems to be very quiet  in the early morning. 
 After I eat she "wakes up!"
Sleep: I could probably go to bed by 9pm, but normally it's 10pm.  I'm just so tired by the end of the day.  It's hard for me to actually sleep when Sam is napping, so I just rest and read a book during that time.  
I'm up at least twice in the night to pee and my slight hip pain makes me toss and turn a lot-thank goodness I can usually go right back to sleep.
Symptoms: Peeing, A LOT.  Just being tired most the time.  Thank goodness I'm NOT sick, at all anymore!
Cravings: I have weird ones all the time.  Usually only lasts a day or two, then I move onto something else.  I do however always want to eat cottage cheese with garlic salt and paprika, chocolate milk and strawberries.  I could eat a huge flat of those in one day.  I'm so glad I have Sam to share them with me all day :)
Best moment this week: Finding out it's a girl and hearing Sam say "it's a sister!" every couple days since then.
Hey cool guy! (26 months)

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