Monday, April 16, 2012

Day by day

Here is our last week or so in some pictures.
I've had a couple people ask what my day to day is like with a two year old and being pregnant.  What kind of schedule we have going on...etc.  I didn't realize I had any readers on this blog besides family and a few friends, but I guess I do!  Probably because I comment on their blogs that I've found throughout becoming a Mom and being pregnant :)

 He looks so innocent or guilty?  I just love this.  He can't get enough of those stickers sometimes.
A treat indeed.  I remembered I had some Oreos left back in the pantry.  He was in heaven.
 "Mommy, need to be cozy!"  Love it.
Riding bikes at Alta.  He HAD to ride in the snow.
Despite it being cold and we only took about 6 or 7 runs on Sunnyside this year, we wanted to hangout with some friends for the "last" day at Alta (they are open two more weekends though)  It's so fun to take Sam up there, as he just plays and plays around and we get to see friends we haven't seen for a while and pretty everyone one loves to have Sam around :)
Bundled up!
As far as what we do day to day....
We're all up between 7 and 8am
Dan is up about 7 as well, getting ready for work and usually makes us all eggs.  
Sam has some milk, plays for a bit and pretty always wants to watch Cat in the Hat in his "donald duck" chair while he eats breakfast. 
Dan leaves for work about 8
I do the dishes, clean up a bit and what not while Sam finishes his show.  Many times he'll ask to watch Thomas the Train and if I still have a few more things to do or emails to check, I'll let him.  He LOVES that show.
From about 9-12:30 we'll be playing, running errands, reading books, going for a long walk to the park, have a picnic if it's nice, depending on how I'm feeling I'll workout downstairs while he plays,  have play dates with friends or  cousins.  Just depends on the day and what we need to do and how I'm feeling.
I like to be with him outside as much as possible though, so that's usually where we are, even if we have to bundle up.  If it's crappy outside, we may go to the Aquarium, IKEA and normally get to Storytime at the library once a week.
12-12:30pm lunch
1-3pm nap and my time to relax.  Sam is SO good about going down for a nap.   I normally try to rest while he's napping.  If I really need to get something done I will, but at this point I'm feeling tired from my already big belly :)
After nap we'll play and play some more.  Many times he'll want to play in the backyard with his dump truck or go for a ride around the block on his bike.  
4:30ish-Dan is home from work and Sam is ready to play with him.  It's a nice break for me as well :)  More playing and normally I'll make dinner while Dan either works out or they just play together for a while.  Sometimes we have plans to do stuff or play with family or friends, depends on the day.
7pmish-Bath and reading  books.
7:45-8pm-Bed.  Sam LOVES to have Dan put him to bed.  It's their special time together and I adore that.

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Heather said...

Loved reading this. We have an almost 19 month old and I think our spacing with a potential sibling will be similar to yours. I'm looking forward to finding out how things change after #2 arrives! :)